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Svyatoslav Kaspe

Svyatoslav Kaspe, Doctor of Political Science, is Chairman of the Editorial Board at Politeia magazine. Professor of the National Research University - Higher School of Economics.

  • 26 october 2013

    In Need of a Major Overhaul


    We have almost forgotten that politics should have a value component (the fascination with perestroika proved to be short-lived). The absence of value guidelines beyond accounts of benefits and costs turns politics into a nasty parody of itself and deprives it of power and functionality.

  • 9 april 2010

    Post-Soviet Nations in the Garden of Forking Paths


    Until a method is found in Russia for generating a non-Soviet (different from the restoration of the pre-Soviet) central system of values, democratic institutions and practices will remain weak. Moreover, the vectors of movement for post-Soviet polities, which twenty years ago were labeled as a “democratic transition” in a burst of overly audacious hope, will remain forking paths.

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Publisher's column

No Need to Wait for an Attack, the Threat of War Is in the Air

“Russia and China need to think about creating a joint strategy to strengthen peace. There is no need to wait for someone’s attack – the threat of war in the air,” Valdai Club expert Sergei Karaganov, who takes part in the Russian-Chinese conference in Shanghai.

Editor's column

Back to Balance. New Weapons As Effective Deterrence

Many bad things have been said about nuclear weapons in the decades since they first came into existence. Indeed, in the middle of the 20th century the human race developed a means of confrontation with the potential to destroy the entire world were it used on a large scale.

New US Eurasian Strategy and Central Asia

Despite the political and administrative chaos in Washington, the US is crystallizing its foreign policy strategy for the next few years.

Can Moscow Mediate Between Israel and Iran in Syria?

As tensions between Iran and Israel rise to new heights, Russia finds itself in a tricky position—trying to balance between two states that are friendly with Moscow but mortal enemies to each other.

Liberum Veto and the Monkey and the Pea

To paraphrase the beginning of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina: all effective structures are alike; each ineffective structure is ineffective in its own way.

A Pyrrhic Victory: the History of the Sanctions War Against Iran

The history of sanctions against Iran deserves close analysis in light of the growing sanctions pressure on Russia. Although Iran and Russia are different countries facing different sanctions paradigms, Iran’s experience is meaningful if only because both countries have to contend with US sanction law.

De-dollarization in the EAEU Member States: Key Trends and Prospects

The emerging trend towards de-dollarization in the EAEU can make domestic monetary policy more efficient as well as facilitate economic integration in the Eurasian space.