Matthew Crosston
Since populism has always, in the end, tended to be very conservative in cultural terms, both Putin and Trump are therefore tapping into populist traditions that are quite ancient, even if many American media outlets portray their efforts to be quite the opposite.
Nikolay A. Kosolapov
The transitional nature of the modern international system raises another question: equality with whom and how? It is unlikely that Russia needs equal “rights” with the Americans to intervene, stage “color revolutions,” replace unwanted regimes or carry out other such actions. Of course, the  logic of international processes may in some cases force Russia to act in a similar way.
Fyodor A. Lukyanov
What should one do if he is interested in world issues, but international life is basically coming to a standstill, trying to shy away from a pandemic? To us, the answer is obvious: read Russia in Global Affairs and use the intermission to think about what is happening on planet Earth.
2020 January/March
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