Call for papers 2021
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Hereby Russia in Global Affairs announces a call for papers for the year 2021. We are peer- reviewed academic journal indexed at Scopus since 2018. We welcome research articles, notes and OpEds on all aspects of foreign affairs, political, social, cultural and historical studies related to international relations.

Preferred topics for the year 2021 are

  • Global and regional security: strategic stability, resilience, cyber security
  • Global governance: ideas and practices
  • Institutions: are we heading for a post-institutional world order?
  • Eurasian space: ideas for structuring
  • Sub-regional and Meta-regional integration and disintegration
  • Rise of middle powers
  • Interrelation of foreign and domestic policy, deconstruction of transitology
  • Culture and education in the post-coronavirus era as a «soft power» tool: the impact of history, literature and language on international relations
  • Russia’s stance in US-China standoff

Submission rules and the overview of peer review process are available at (JOURNAL INFORMATION) and (INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS) sections.

Applicants are kindly requested to send their manuscripts to [email protected].