№ 4 October/December 2019
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Russia: An Outside Perspective
  • Perceptions of Russia in the Global World

    The existing ideas of modern Russia and its place in the world, on the one hand, and the awareness of Russia’s cultural and historical contribution to world civilization, on the other, contradict each other in piecing together the country’s integral image.

  • From “Chaos” to “Order” to Uncertainty

    The “Russian Spring” in Russia and Xi Jinping’s “new normal” in China evoked a controversial reaction among Chinese Russia experts. On the one hand, they treated Putin almost “panegyrically,” but on the other hand, they increasingly voiced concern over growing uncertainty about Russia’s future.

  • Russia as a “Trauma”

    Recognizing publicly Russia’s sovereignty over all the Kuril Islands for Japan would be tantamount to losing face. It is possible to resolve the issue only within the framework of a package deal, the contours of which are still very blurry.

Stress & Adjustment
World Order Ideas
  • Counter-Containment of Unipolarity

    Only a strong and well-considered relationship between Russia and China can constitute a powerful enough global counterweight to the unipolarity and the United States’ strategic offensive posture, and also act as a midwife in the birth of an undeniably multipolar world order.

  • Are You with the Globalists or Patriots?

    Trump offers other countries’ leaders a choice between two sides in the current and future world politics: the globalists or the patriots. The price of this choice to be paid is “merely” the level of relations with Trump’s United States. So, the temptation to make the correct choice is quite obvious.

  • Has Russia Established a New International Role?

    Whether Moscow can build a broader international role is not apparent; it will require more than filling in the spaces that the United States leaves blank. Doing so on a long-term basis will also require preparing for the next inevitable cycle of American activism.

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Publisher's column

Where to Go and with Whom to Go: Russia’s Foreign Policy on the Threshold of a New Decade

Russia is entering a new decade with significant (and I am even tempted to say brilliant) foreign and defense policy achievements, and with a substantial margin of strength. But the challenges and problems lying ahead are fraught with deceleration or even rollback.

Editor's column

Roaring Twenties again: 'Global impeachment' and the end of the era of liberal globalization

Now that another decade has flown by and the world awaits the arrival of 2020, it is only appropriate to look back at last century's 'Roaring Twenties'. Those twenties started globalization; these could see the end of its era.

How Cozy Is Russia and China’s Military Relationship?

Russia and China’s strategic military cooperation is becoming ever closer. President Putin has announced that Russia is helping China build an early warning system to spot intercontinental ballistic missile launches.

A “Synchronized Downturn” Calls for a “Synchronized Response”

This year’s Annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank in Washington DC revealed a growing preoccupation with the mounting signs of a slowdown in the world economy.

How to Stop NATO

Catherine the Great is credited with saying that the only way to secure the borders of the Russian Empire is to expand them continuously. This logic is to some degree applicable to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which embarked on a path of geographical enlargement quite literally from the very first days of its existence.

The Asian Mirror for the Far East: an Indian Perspective

India and Russia have long shared geopolitical perspectives on the balance of power in Eurasia. In the post-Cold War era both turned their attention to the West. However, over the past decade India has pursued the Look East Policy, seeking to regain its political and economic influence in Southeast Asia and building new strategic partnerships with East Asian powers like Japan and South Korea. Russia’s Turn to the East and India’s move from the Look East to the Act East Policy have created a new framework for closer India–Russia geo-economic and geopolitical relations.

Russian Far East Development from the Korean Perspective

This chapter focuses on analysing Korea’s position on development of this region. To this end, the paper deals with the significance and strategic value of the Russian Far East, the current status, and determinants of the Russian Far East policy, as well as the direction and tasks of Korea’s Russian Far East policy.