Board of Trustees

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Vladimir Potanin (Chairman)
President, Interros Holding Company

Igor Ashurbeili
Dr. Sc. (Technology), Director General, Konstruktorskoye Buro-1 JSC

Sergey Generalov
President, Industrial Investors Group

Vladimir Yevtushenkov
Dr. Sc. (Economics), Chairman, Board of Directors, Sistema Joint Stock Financial Corporation; Member of the Russian Engineering Academy and International Academy of Communications

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Publisher's column

Western delusions triggered this conflict and Russians will not yield (1)

The west is without direction and losing sight of moral convictions

Editor's column

When the State Is Endangered

The 11th meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club is underway in Sochi. Scholars of international studies and experts from around the world gather for this annual event to discuss global politics and Russia’s place in it

Gazprom-China deal can reset gas markets

For gas to compete as an energy source on the international stage, a more unified market system is needed

Russia needs reforms, not a sanctions war (1)

Mutual sanctions are always extremely unpleasant, and the application of sanctions and the “hot” trade war between Russia, Europe and the United States can have no good result.