Board of Trustees

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Vladimir Potanin (Chairman)
President, Interros Holding Company

Igor Ashurbeili
Dr. Sc. (Technology), Director General, Konstruktorskoye Buro-1 JSC

Sergey Generalov
President, Industrial Investors Group

Vladimir Yevtushenkov
Dr. Sc. (Economics), Chairman, Board of Directors, Sistema Joint Stock Financial Corporation; Member of the Russian Engineering Academy and International Academy of Communications

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Publisher's column

Eurasian Way Out of the European Crisis

I have already written before that having emerged from the Cold War, Europe lost the post-war peace. The continent is on the verge of strategic degradation that may either become a caricature of military-political division into opposing blocs or a time of disquieting uncertainty. The military-political conflict over Ukraine can escalate as well.

Editor's column

Fighting Evil Separately

There is no doubt that Moscow understands that Syria will no longer be the way it once was, neither in terms of government nor borders.

What exactly is Russia doing in Syria?

Moscow's stance on the Syrian conflict reveals an ever-complicated web of alliances, armament and regional plays, widening the diplomacy gap between the United States and Russia on Middle East policy.

Moscow's Moves in Syria: 5 Messages Russia Is Sending to the World

As Russian ships and planes continue to deposit additional personnel and equipment in Syria, here are five geopolitical messages Russian president Vladimir Putin is sending to the world.

Rising Powers and Revisionism in Emerging International Orders

International systems in transition are predictably defined by competition among established and emerging powers over whose preferred order will prevail.

U.S. Foreign Policy after the November 2014 Elections

Assessing the possible foreign policy consequences of America’s turn toward the right requires a multi-layered approach built around key questions: What happened in the November 2014 mid-term elections — and why? How will America’s political system and government institutions adjust to reflect the election outcome and shifting opinion?