Journal Information
Journal Information

Russia in Global Affairs is published in English quarterly since November 2002.

The Russian-language edition of the journal is published bimonthly since its inception in 2002.

Russia in Global Affairs was founded by the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy (SVOP), Russian International Affairs Council, Higher School of Economics – National Research University.

Since 2006 the journal has been published by Foreign Policy Research Foundation.

Since its inception, the journal’s Editor-in-Chief has been Fyodor Lukyanov, Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy. The Editorial Board is headed by Sergei Karaganov, Honorary Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy.

Aims and Scope

Russia in Global Affairs offers an international platform for publication in English and Russian of the results of individual and collective research in political science and materials discussing social, historical, economic, cultural and military issues related to international relations.

The goal of the journal is to facilitate exchange of scientific knowledge across borders and across disciplines in political sciences and foreign relations; we aim to publish original research based on both empirical, rational and theoretical studies that is of interest and value to the international intellectual community.

Publishing Ethics

Ethics Statement

Russia in Global Affairs is committed to following fair and professional practices in all aspects of its operation. The editors of the journal adhere to codes of ethical conduct accepted by international academic publishers and expect similar from its authors and reviewers.

The following are basic rules and standards for the journal’s editors, authors, and reviewers.


  • ensure fair, confidential, timely review process
  • make unbiased editorial decisions based strictly on academic merits of submitted materials regardless of commercial, ideological, or personal interests
  • pursue and publicize author and reviewer misconduct
  • are cognizant of potential conflicts of interest


  • submit original work that has not been published by or submitted for publication to another print or electronic journal or book
  • do not engage in plagiarism or any inappropriate data fabrication and manipulation
  • guarantee their research was conducted in ethically and responsibly, without hazard to their subjects
  • appropriately acknowledge contribution of everyone who participated in production of research and its reporting
  • disclose relevant sources of funding and any conflicts of interest
  • clearly and fully describe their methodologies and, whenever possible, retain data and pertinent documentation so that their findings can be confirmed by others


  • disclose any potential conflict of interest, including knowledge of manuscript’s authorship
  • promptly, confidentially, and objectively review article manuscripts
  • respect the proprietary rights of authors on their research (even if it remains unpublished)
Peer Review Policy

All submitted articles are subjected to “double blind reviewing” by recognized experts in respective fields. In order to ensure impartiality, each article is anonymized: the name of the author is removed from the article, including any reference to the author’s works, and replaced with the word “Author.” All titles of the author’s works and any other information that would allow one to identify the author are also removed.

Reviewing period – up to 1–1.5 month.

Once reviewed, an article is returned to the author for considering the reviewer’s comments and criticism. The author may take them into account or ignore them. The final decision on the publication of an article rests with the Editorial Board. 

The Editorial Board reserves the right to ask the author to elaborate on the article in order to meet the abovementioned requirements.

Abstracting and Indexing Services


Russia in Global Affairs is indexed in the Scopus since 2018. To “Russia in Global Affairs” page at Scopus

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The Russian-language edition of the journal is included in eLIBRARY.RU database (a scientific electronic library integrated with the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) since 2005. The English-language edition of the journal entered the database in 2006.

To Russian-language edition of “Russia in Global Affairs” at RSCI

To “Russia in Global Affairs” page at RSCI

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