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Publisher's column

Missiles in Europe: Back to the Future?

There is an increasingly strong feeling of d?j? vu as some of Russia’s Western partners are trying to replay the scenario of the late 1970s and early 1980s when the deployment of Soviet SS-20 medium-range missiles and American Pershing and land-based cruise missiles in Europe triggered a long military-political crisis. As a result, d?tente in Europe was halted or even reversed for many years.

Editor's column

People With Big Ambitions: What the Turkish Coup Means for Russia

From the beginning, Turkey was one of the most active and ambitious players in the so-called Arab Spring that shook the foundations of the Middle East from 2010-2012. It is no surprise that such outward instability has seeped inward.

After Nice, a continent contemplates an ever-clearer truth

As yet another attack claims a shocking toll in innocent lives in France, political analyst Fyodor Lukyanov writes how terrorist acts and the helplessness of secret services are changing Europe before our very eyes

After Brexit, Europe’s Dueling Nostalgias

As the European Union hangs in the balance, both sides seem to be thinking of past golden ages instead of planning for the future.

Winter and Spring Together, Geocultural Signs of Renewal Throughout Europe

Despite its deep crisis of identity, spawned by nihilistic elites who are both unable to give a sense to existence and to act in favour of the common good, France is marked by a discreet renewal.

US Policy And Globalization: Before And After the Global Financial Crisis

How has decay of the American Empire affected globalization? Does the apparent fragmentation of older, Bretton Woods era, more universal forms of global governance into more regional forms imply US relative decline?

Does North Korea Have a Place in Russia’s “Turn to the East”?

What are the prospects for Russian-North Korean relations today?

U.S.-Russia Nuclear Lab-to-Lab Cooperation: Looking Back on a Quarter Century of Constructive Relations

With the latest protracted nosedive in U.S.-Russia relations, when areas of cooperation have continued to shrink, it is beneficial to reflect on historically constructive joint endeavors, such as the cooperation between the two countries’ nuclear weapon laboratories (“lab-to-lab cooperation”).