Anton A. Chemakin
“In a word, Kiev is a Russian city and, in particular, a city of Russian culture,” Sergey Hrushevsky concluded. “And as long as this city, the heart of Little Russia, is Russian, then the whole region... will always maintain a living affection and love for the great Russian culture.”
Fyodor A. Lukyanov, Oleg N. Barabanov, Timofei V. Bordachev, Andrei A. Sushentsov, Ivan N. Timofeev, Yaroslav D. Lissovolik
Nobody has any doubts that what is happening now in Ukraine is not simply a regional conflict but a test for the current international hierarchy. Predictions of the outcome would be woefully premature in any case, but one can try to imagine which principles may form the foundation of a future system of global co-existence and which will be relegated to the past.
Alexander V. Lukin
The confrontation between China and the United States in the Asia-Pacific, primarily in countries neighboring China, will intensify in the coming years. To achieve its goals, the United States exploits the fears of China’s numerous neighbors about the growth of Chinese power, which, from the U.S.’s point of view, could in the new conditions lead China to try to restore its traditional medieval system of dominance over neighbors.
No. 1
2023 January/March
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