Timofey V. Bordachev
There are some who claim that globalization existed already in the Bronze Age. This is hard to deny. Yet in the new age, as the balance of power became global, international politics and the possibility to regulate the behavior of states also acquired global character.
Maxim V. Bratersky
But one thing is clear—we are entering an era of greater disunity, while unifying bonds between nations remain quite weak. Last time the world had a similar situation was during the interwar period. We will try to get out of this mess with minimal losses, but remember at the same time that not so long ago a similar situation ended in a world war.
Fyodor A. Lukyanov
COVID-19 has made all of this either necessary (the only way to fight infection is isolation) or inevitable. And now the question is not what path humankind will take but where the limits are if it goes along this path.
2020 April/June
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