Sergei V. Lavrov
By imposing the concept of a rules-based order, the West seeks to shift the discussion on key issues to the platforms of its liking, where no dissident voices are allowed.
Andrey V. Chuprygin, Larisa A. Chuprygina, Valery A. Matrosov
Either the Russian political leadership finally lost interest in Libya, leaving the settlement process in the hands of non-state actors, or Moscow’s ultimate goal took a new form, as we will show below.
Ilya S. Fabrichnikov
The era of “Grand Alliances” seems to have come to an end. The great powers (Russia certainly being one of them) are revisiting their commitments to client states and “junior partners” in real-time mode, focusing on internal processes and obligations to their citi-zens.
2021 July/September
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