Fyodor A. Lukyanov
The experience of great powers clearly shows that “loneliness,” that is, pursuance of solely one’s own interests and reliance primarily on one’s own resources is the norm.
Nikolay V. Litvak, Natalia B. Pomozova
Subjective plans of communist China for the world, let alone its “intrigues” as an object of Western discourse, throw the West into a conspiracy fervor. Meanwhile, the Chinese ambassadors in the four key European countries continue to develop their diplomatic skills, relying, among other things, on Western philosophical concepts.
Ellina P. Shavlay
The task of the tripartite RIC format (Russia-India-China) should be not only to support each other on global issues, but also to promote a common vision of the regional order, which is yet to be formulated through joint discus-sions.
2021 January/March
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