China and Russia: Good Neibours, Good Partners
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Feng Shaolei

Professor, Dean of the School of Advanced International and Area Studies, East China Normal University

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Compared with the ups and downs in relations between many big powers in recent years, the continuous, stable and effective promotion of Sino — Russian relations has shown a great contrast. When the new American president Trump mouthing the EU, announced NATO is «outdated»; when Great Britain hurried from the EU?Russia and China were just discussing a hot topic : how «The Belt and Road» could be closely interfaced and connected with the Eurasian Economic Union in which Russia is a dominant element.

President Xi Jinping’s official visit to Russia over the past two days proves once again that bilateral relations have a strong vitality in an uncertain period of an uncertain international situation. President Putin gave the Xi Jinping Medal of national service, and Xi Jinping said, «we agreed that the development of Sino-Russian relations will not be affected by any international change.». These unusual expressions fully illustrate the height reached by bilateral relations, and also demonstrate the strong foundation for the continuity of Sino- Russian relations.

Why do Sino-Russian relations have such a strong and durable momentum? I think, first of all, because of the huge potential for cooperation between the two countries that are close to each other, as well as very strong consensus on the development of cooperation between China and Russia. With «The Belt and Road» going forward, we can feel and see enthusiasm of people from all walks of life for the development of cooperation with Russia, for deepening exchanges. This expectation comes not only from industry, trade and investment intentions, from cultural and educational circles, but, of course, also from millions of ordinary people, who want to see the great neighbors as real partners.

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