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Dear readers,

The world is changing rapidly, and our journal, which seeks to grasp and analyze these changes, cannot afford to lag behind them. We seek to keep abreast of the latest studies in international politics – and technological advances. Therefore Russia in Global Affairs offers a new version of its web site.

We hope it will be more convenient for you, as many functions, in particular the search engine and commenting, have been improved. We have also added new tools for adding our articles to blogs, RSS feeds, and bookmarks.

We apologize in advance for possible malfunctions that may occur at first. We will be very grateful for any information about bugs on our new web site. Please send bug reports to Web Editor Pavel Zhitnyuk – [email protected].

We are deeply grateful to our readers who have been with us for nearly eight years, who read our publications and comment on them. Stay tuned to us!

Fyodor Lukyanov,
Editor-in-Chief of Russia in Global Affairs