Russia-West Offensive Diplomacy: This Game Should Be Accepted
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Fyodor A. Lukyanov

Russia in Global Affairs
National Research University–Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia
Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs
Research Professor;
Valdai Discussion Club
Research Director


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Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

“This game based on intensions escalation, stepping up pressure and tension has been in play during the Cold War and even before: we can find a lot of examples of that in history of international relations.

Why we react so cautious? Just because we forgot how it happens,” Fyodor Lukyanov, Editor-in-Chief of Russia in Global Affairs magazine, said during American-Russian online conversation, titled “Can War In Ukraine Be Avoided?”.

“Thirty years after the Cold War was a really unique period when all of us started to believe that many laws and many basic and inevitable principals of international relations stopped working. But they are back, and it should be accepted. If we take into account this, we would be a little bit less worried,” he added.

Can War In Ukraine Be Avoided?
An American-Russian Conversation

The webinar, hosted by the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, took place on January 27, 2022.

Thomas Graham, former U.S. diplomat, distinguished fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and senior advisor of Kissinger Associates, was an another participant of the discussion and debated this crisis from American perspective.

The conversation was moderated by Anatol Lieven, senior research fellow at the Quincy Institute.

Stakes are High Over Ukraine Crisis, but Putin is “Not a Gambler”
Fyodor A. Lukyanov
The Russian president is a "calculated player" and "very much aware about all dangers," says Fyodor Lukyanov, Editor-in-Chief of Russia in Global Affairs magazine. On February 3, 2022, he took part in “Conflict Zone” TV program by