Russian–Chinese Dialogue: The 2017 Model
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Sergey Luzyanin

Sergey Luzyanin — Director of RAS Institute for Far Eastern Studies, RIAC member.

Zhao Huasheng

Professor, The Institute for International Studies, Fudan University, Shanghai.

RIAC, Institute of Far Eastern Studies RAS and Fudan University Report.

This report presents the results of analysis of the state of Russia–China relations in 2016 and the first quarter of 2017. Leading Russian and Chinese experts study major Russia’s and China’s interests and prospects for cooperation on the international arena, key areas and ways of expanding trade, economy and investment ties between the two states, assess the dynamics of militarytechnical collaboration and priorities of cooperation in culture, science, education and mass media between the two states, and set forth recommendations for promoting Russia – China interaction.

Particular attention is given to multilateral collaboration in Eurasia.