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Valdai Discussion Club Report

Report by the Russian Participants of the Working Group on the Future of the Russian—U.S. Relations.

Sergei Karaganov is the head of the Working Group, the main co-author and executive editor. 
Dmitry Suslov is the Coordinator of the Working Group and the main co-author.

The Working Group includes: Pavel Andreyev, Oleg Barabanov, Timofei Bordachev, Maxim Bratersky, Sergei Karaganov, Feodor Lukyanov,Yulia Nikitina, Alexei Pilko, Marsel Salikhov, Nikolai Silayev, Dmitry Suslov, Mikhail Troitsky, and Alexei Fenenko.The Consultants of the project are: Sergei Dubinin, Andrei Kolosovsky, Sergey Ryabkov and Yevgeny Savostyanov. A version preceding the final copy of the Report was discussed at the meeting of the Working Group on the Future of the Russian— U.S. relations of the Valdai Club together with the American colleagues. The meeting was held in the National Research University– Higher School of Economics on December 3—4, 2010. The American participants in the discussion included: Timothy Colton, Jeffrey Mankoff, Alexandra Vacroux, Rawi Abdelal, Randall Stone, Henry Hale, Samuel Charap, and Yoshiko Herrera.

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