Via the Editorial Office

Dear subscribers,

To subscribe to the printed edition of Russia in Global Affairs (English and Russian language versions) in Russia please e-mail your letter to the editorial office at: [email protected].

The letter should specify:

  1. The subject of your message as: “Subscription to printed edition”
  2. Subscription period or No. of issue(s)
  3. Russian- and/or English-language version
  4. Number of copies
  5. Your bank details or your company’s bank details 
  6. Delivery address
  7. Contact information (tel., e-mail).

Subscription price for printed edition:

Price per issue of the Russian-language version – 580 rubles

Price per issue of the English-language version – 870 rubles

Delivery by Russian mail (Pochta Rossii) across Russia – plus 120 rubles.

Payment shall be made by bank transfer.